Get Involved

Our studies can involve brain imaging, questionnaires, computer games or paper and pencil tasks. The tasks are meant to be fun and not too difficult. If you take part in a brain imaging study we will be able to send you a picture of your brain to keep! To find out more about brain imaging and what it is like to have a brain scan you can watch one of our team getting a brain scan below.

Every project is different, and we will of course provide you with full details of what is involved before you decide if you would like to take part. At the moment, we are looking for young people aged 8 – 16 to take part. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of spaces on each project and we aren’t always able to accept new requests to take part.

We will always reimburse reasonable travel expenses, and for some studies, include the costs towards a meal out in London.

All of the data we collect from you will be held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and will be kept strictly confidential. We never report data from a single individual, but instead look at data from groups of individuals, so that no-one can be identified.

If you would like to hear more about our new projects, please click on one of the links below: